The Why

Learn about who we are, our mission, and why we do what we do.
Our Mission
At Tracknicity our mission is to bring a thin, simple, and seamless inventory and project tracking solution to small businesses with mobile workforces. We leverage the software and tools you already use which allows for quick and easy implementation all while gaining the control and insight you’ve been missing.

Leadership Team

  • James Ford
  • Principal Engineer
  • Slightly Above Average Climber

  • Travis Leo
  • President
  • Slightly Above Average Golfer

Who We Are
Born out of frustration from the lack of truly integrated inventory solutions in QuickBooks and D-Tools, we designed Tracknicity to solve a problem that faces tens of thousands of small businesses across the globe. After seeing its success internally and the financial savings that came along with it, we decided to share our experiences with others in hopes that they could achieve the same results we did. We love small businesses and we know that anyone who has ever worked in one values how challenging and rewarding they are.